Joseph Uglietto Diversified Energy Specialists

Joseph Uglietto founded Diversified Energy Specialists in January 2018. The company is approved by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) as an aggregation of renewable energy and thermal technology. DES specializes in biofuels and biomass.

Joseph Uglietto Diversified Energy Specialists

In January of 2018, the Department of Energy activated a new set of regulations. The implementation introduced the Alternative Energy Credits system. The basis of the system’s idea offers tradable credits as proof of a consumer’s use of renewable energy. The role of Diversified Energy Specialists is to obtain the maximum possible monetary return for the Alternative Energy Credits earned by individuals and businesses who use green energy. The intended goal of Diversified Energy Specialists is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the use of biofuels.

Diversified Energy Specialists operates under a four step process, as developed and introduced by the company’s Founder, Owner and President, Joseph Uglietto.

Step 1:  The Initial Meeting

At this stage, Joseph Uglietto meets with oil distributors to discuss the benefits of integrating biofuel into their energy resources. He outlines how the process can help increase profit margins for interested parties.

Step 2:  Biofuel Transition

Once a company or homeowner decides that they are interested in pursuing this opportunity, Joseph Uglietto works directly with biofuel suppliers to secure his clients a supply. From there, Diversified Energy Specialists assist in the biofuel blending process.

Step 3:  Obtaining Alternative Energy Credits

One of the biggest aspects of the process that deters companies and residential consumers from pursuing biofuel use is the paperwork associated with the procedure. Diversified Energy Specialists wipe that worry away by taking all biannual paperwork submissions into their own hands. Joseph Uglietto and his team work to ensure that the proper procedures are followed in a client’s application for Alternative Energy Credits.

Step 4:  Alternative Energy Credit Sales

Once received, Diversified Energy Specialists work to sell all achieved Alternative Energy Credits. The Credits are sold to local utility companies, and all profits are paid directly to clients of Diversified Energy Specialists. The team guarantees their clients the maximum possible return on their Credits by seeking the best sale price available.

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