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Joseph Uglietto

Joseph Uglietto is an East Coast-based Management Consultant. He is the Founder and President of Diversified Energy Specialists, a Green Energy Consulting and Alternative Energy Credit Aggregation company

Joseph Uglietto Environment

Joseph Uglietto is an entrepreneur in green energy initiatives. In January of 2018, the state’s Department of Energy implemented new regulations in regard to the Alternative Portfolio Standard. With a personal passion for keeping up with the stock market and newly developing technologies and business ventures, Joseph Uglietto has always leaned towards an entrepreneurial approach. His progressive perspective prompted him to view the MA Department of Energy’s new regulations in a business-oriented light. He founded Diversified Energy Specialists as a way to not only take advantage of the new Alternative Energy Credits system, as presented by the Department of Energy, but to also promote the use of green/environmentally-friendly energy resources.

Joseph Uglietto

An outdoorsman at heart, Joseph Uglietto loves nature. He has always had an interest in environmentally-friendly energy initiatives, even prior to developing his team at Diversified Energy Specialists. He finds solace and comfort in a relaxing afternoon of fishing. He fell in love with the hobby as a young boy when his father would take him on catch-and-release fishing trips. He reflects on a memory of discovering rubbage in the water as a turning point for his views on eco-friendly approaches. As a young boy, he could not understand why someone would be so careless towards the planet. He vowed to make a difference in his adulthood, but wasn’t quite sure what his angle would be until he founded Diversified Energy Specialists.

Joseph Uglietto finds fulfillment in helping others.  He regularly participates in volunteering efforts to benefit members of his community. He has volunteered at the Arlington Catholic Golf Tournament and assisted in fundraising efforts for the Woburn Boys & Girls Club. His drive to help others is also realized in his professional work. With his company, Diversified Energy Specialists, he works directly with residents and fuel suppliers to provide these individuals with the opportunity to make the most of their Alternative Energy Credits. As a Management Consultant, he assists companies in improving their professional performance by analyzing all productivity points. He finds great satisfaction in helping businesses maximize their potential and hopes to build a solid portfolio of experience in the area of Management Consulting.

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